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About Project 33...
Project33 - Artist's Rendering
The artist's rendering above is by John Vernon. John does design work for many large companies and is also a cutting-edge street rodder. If you'd like John to help bring your ideas to life on paper, visit his website. You can download the 8  x 10 original zipped files of all his Project33 drawings on the "Project33 Fun Stuff" page. They make great office or garage art!

The Project:
Project 33 is being built as a modern car with traditional styling. Basically we hope to capture all the style and classic lines of Hot Rods of the past and blend it with some current technology. Products that improve performance, safety, and drivability will be used whenever possible as long as the classic style of the car can be kept intact. Our goal is to show you the entire build-up with as much detail as possible. Hopefully we'll pass along a few good tips to fellow builders as we go.

The Pieces:
The project consists of an Outlaw Performance 33 Ford 3-window coupe body and a Total Cost Involved Engineering frame.
For a clean traditional look, the highboy will use a drop I-beam front axle and quick change rear. Current plans call for a blown small block, roll cage, and flames.
Loud graphics should ensure we can always find it in a mall parking lot. We intend to drive it all over so streetability and low maintenance will be a priority. I love working on cars, but only when I don't have to.

No original 1933 Ford parts will be used unless we can't find a suitable reproduction piece. This car will be a prime example of the availability of quality new and reproduction parts that are available on the market today.

The Programming:
Scooter (of Scooter Designs) is webmaster for several of the companies listed above, so building this car "real time" on the web is a fun and "do-able" Street Rodding first.

This site uses dynamic Cold FusionŽ programming. A database driven website is the ultimate and logical way to do a project of this magnitude. Updates and additions to this site are effortless, so as the car progresses, you'll see it, typos and all, as soon as we enter it!

spacer.gif (808 bytes) The People:
The project is being built by Scott Nelson (AKA Scooter) with the advice and help of several vendors and friends. Among those vendors and friends are: (in alphabetical order)

I'm sure we'll get a little advice from readers like yourself from time to time also... thanks!

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