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31-Mar-00 The Heads Arrive!

The Heads Arrive!

ImageI got a call today that our Brodix Track-1 heads came in at Sehr Performance. They're located just a few blocks from me so I buzzed down to check them out – and take a couple pictures for you. Sehr ordered them without valves but with the valve seats and bronze guides installed. We will be using Manley stainless valves. While they were ordering I had them order up a set of Brodix valve covers and a breather package. The covers have “knock-outs” in them for the breather tubes.
ImageWe will be doing some extensive work on these heads in upcoming articles. Some of the things planned include work on the valve seats, bowl blending and polishing of the intake ports, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers. The heads also came rough milled and will need to be milled to our specifications. A lot of time will be spent on the heads so it should prove interesting reading – for gearheads.
ImageAnother new piece that came in is the Dyna-Gear External Belt Drive. This little item probably isn't really necessary… but it's so cool! It uses less energy to run than a timing chain or gear drive unit and allows you to easily fine tune your cam timing. I figure with everything we're going to reduce friction, increase HP, efficiency and dependability, that a belt drive fits right in to the plan.
I'm deciding on an oil pan and will order it today. You wouldn't think this would be too difficult to decide on, but there are several things to consider. The stroked motor might cause clearance problems. Windage (the wind caused by the whirling crankshaft), weight, depth (for ground clearance) are all things to consider as well as how it looks. Decisions decisions….