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27-Mar-00 Finishing the Lifter Bores

Finishing the Lifter Bores

ImageIf you remember the last motor article I spoke of re-drilling the oil galleys after the sleeves were installed in the lifter bores. A lot of oil passes through this area of the motor and is pumped to the upper end of the motor. Forgetting to drill the galleys would lead to a motor that may last a couple minutes instead of many miles.
ImageSehr Performance has a table that that guides the block to the stationary bit. This 7/16-inch bit is 2 feet long and what amazed me was how straight it is. There is not a bit of deflection at the tip as it spins.
ImageMy camera caught the bit as it was spinning away, making it look like it's standing still. There are 2 galleys (one for each bank of lifters) that need to be drilled.
ImageAfter the initial reaming of the galleys and now the drilling of the oil passages, there is a bit of debris that needs to be removed to get them nice and smooth. This photo shows the finish honing of the lifter bores.
ImageAs Scott Sehr was honing the lifter bores and I was snapping this photo he said, and I quote “I love my job!” Well Scott, I've got news for you – it shows in your work!
ImageHere's a quick shot of the block after they were finished honing it. So now as I write this article and look at this photo, I sit back, smile, and think - “I love my job!” :)