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20-Sep-04 Interior Texture Painting Part 1

Leather in a can

Here's a shot of that lower valance after I molded in the switches and created a recess for the steering drop. It will be texture painted soon to contrast the leather dash. The area below it will be molded fiberglass.
Speaking of texture paint... here's one of those priceless tips I was talking about. Several areas of the interior will be textured instead of upholstered. This will include the A-pillar covers, under dash valance, part of the arm rests, center console and the under side of the trunk lid.

A lot of eyebrows were raised when I said I was going to paint the underside of the trunk lid with texture paint but I think the skeptics will crawl back into their holes after they see the final result.
I have to thank Jon and Scott at Dakota Digital for this tip. Texturing this way is so easy it should be illegal! (The photo above was taken before painting)

All you need is a can of Dupli-Color Truck Bed Coating and Vinyl and Fabric Color. Spray the Truck Bed Coating from about 16-inches away. Never start the spray on the item you're painting but instead, start and end your spray beyond it. You'll get a much more even finish this way. I did about two light coats to get the look I was after. Make sure your surface is smooth and clean. The texture will not cover pits and deep scratches.

When the texture is dry you can spray several coats of Vinyl Color over it. This will put a vinyl-like covering on it that can be cleaned just like any other part of the interior.

The truck bed coating is incredibly tough – as it would have to be in a truck bed – so it's very durable. It can also be touched up easily if needed in the future. This is why I chose to use it under the trunk lid. I plan to carry "stuff" in the trunk and it could get scratched some day. Better to scratch texture paint than shiny purple paint or rip leather.

Here are a few photos of the trunk lid so you can see how it turned out. The texturing on the lid took less than an hour to complete. If I would have texture painted the whole car, we'd be done by now ;)