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19-May-00 Bowl Blending the Heads Part 3

Bowl Blending the Heads Part 3

ImageAny bubbles are tapped out and upward to the opening in the Plexiglas using the end of a screwdriver. Very high-tech! :)
ImageOnce the chamber is full and no air bubbles exist, we can read the measurements on the tube to tell exactly how many CC's we are at.
ImageLooks like the chamber measures 69 ½ cc's. That's about as close as you can come to our desired 69 to 70 cc measurement. One CC difference in cylinders can cause a difference in horsepower. If all cylinders are making the same horsepower the engine will run more efficiently and create more usable HP because one cylinder isn't fighting against the other. Perfect balance is the key to optimum performance. This reading now gives us our benchmark for all the other chambers.