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19-May-00 Bowl Blending the Heads Part 2

Bowl Blending the Heads Part 2

ImageIntake gasses will tend to come to the back of the port and swirl increasing flow after bowl blending. Compression can also be controlled by how much material is removed. Many well known people over the last 30 years have done a lot of testing and Sehr, though he would like to be considered a pioneer, is relying on tried and proven techniques from the masters.
ImageSehr set the head up on these cool little stands. I'm intrigued by some of the stupidest things and this was something I though was so simple it was cool.

The heads will be CC'd next to get a measurement of the cylinder head chamber to see how close we are to the 69 to 70 cc (cubic centimeter) measurement we are shooting for. They come from the factory at 67 cc's. The proper measurement along with the right piston will give us our 8:1 compression ratio. Once the right CC is achieved the rest will be bowl blended the same, CC checked, and polished for maximum flow. This is MUCH smoother than stock already and after polishing – even better.
ImageGrease is spread around the cylinder for the plastic plate to stick to and a long tube is filled with fluid to check the cubic centimeter capacity of the cylinder.
ImageThe plastic plate is installed with the small hole for the fluid at the highest point to allow trapped air to escape.
ImageThe tube is carefully filled to the top line with fluid.
ImageFluid is slowly trickled into the chamber.