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17-Mar-00 Correcting the Lifter Placement Part 1

Correcting the Lifter Placement Part 1

ImageGood News! Scott Sehr from Sehr Performance is caught up enough to continue working on Project33's motor. Some of you may have read about Scott's new addition to the family. The little guy had some heart problems and the Sehr's were away for a while taking care of him. I told Scott there was no hurry on my engine since it won't see the road for a while anyway.
ImageWe are hoping to build a streetable, dependable, small bock Chevy, capable of producing 700+hp on pump gas. This means we have to squeeze every drop of horsepower we can from the engine. One trick that is often overlooked is correcting the lifter placement. Correct lifter placement can add 25 to 35 hp to a motor!
ImageMy typical block was off enough that you could visually see it. I had no idea a factory bore could be that far off but I guess it's common.
ImageThis increase in horsepower comes from better cam to lifter alignment and less friction. The timing will be right on also and should allow each cylinder to produce the same amount of horsepower – making the engine more efficient. Here you see the newly drilled holes at top and the installed sleeves below.
ImageTo do this Sehr has a special jig called a BHJ Lifter Tru. I understand this jig cost Sehr over $20! Seriously, I bet they don't give these away but if you want to do the job right, you need the proper tools.
ImageThis jig has a guide that goes in the cam tunnel and a guide at the top of the block. The special *drill bit* is held by the cam guide and the top guide. This assures that the new bore is perfectly in alignment.